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Are employment hours at fixed times?

At AIOH, we know how busy hospitality establishments can get and always take into consideration your needs as an employer.

Students will still need to partake in structured training at our trade school while working under the employer. Therefore, hours of employment need to be agreed on between the school, student and employer.

At AIOH, there are two training options available,
where students will receive formal learning at our training facilities.

Training can be delivered a few hours every week, or less often in blocks:

Option 1
Monday Day Release

We offer a day release option, where students will receive structured training every Monday from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Option 2
Block Release Training

This option allows the students to receive training for four to five days every couple of months from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm instead of not being able to work every Monday.

Will it be difficult because the student is still in school?

No, the school-based apprenticeship program is super accommodating to the employer’s requirements.

The employer, student and school can negotiate on hours and
come to an agreement where every party’s requirements are met.

What is the minimum number of employment hours for school-based apprentices?

Apprentices are required to work a minimum of 8 hours per week.

Can school-based apprentices be employed over the summer holidays and other school holiday periods?

Yes, you can employ apprentices during school holiday periods.

A minimum of 8 employment hours per week may be averaged over a three month period, twice a year, in each year of the school-based program. Therefore, during school holidays they may have the choice of working extra hours.

Do I have to pay my apprentice?

Yes, you will need to pay your apprentices a wage. The wages are set by industry awards that outline pay rates, conditions, rights and entitlements.

If the award coverage is not adequate, or if the parties to the training contract wish to make other arrangements, they may enter into an Enterprise Agreement.

Is there a probation period for the apprentice?

Yes. There is a probation period of one to six months.

This allows the employer and apprentice to evaluate the training requirements
During this period, either party can choose to withdraw from the contract.

When the probation period ends, all parties are bound by the terms of the training contract. At this point, the training contract can only be suspended, transferred, terminated or varied by the mutual agreement of involved parties.

What would I need to do before my apprentice begins work?

Before the apprenticeship begins, the employer will need to sign a Training Contract and Training Plan, which the student and RTO will also sign in agreement.

Do I have to pay the apprentice for the hours they train at their trade school?

Full-time and part-time apprentices are paid to attend off-the-job training. School-based apprentices are paid 25 per cent of the hours to attend off-the-job training.

What if the employer does not meet all the learning
requirements of the apprentice?

No need to stress, hiring an apprentice is still possible!

We are a Group Training Organisation and can help you set up the apprenticeship via our partners.

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