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Train with South Australia’s best Commercial Cookery and Hospitality training provider.

The Adelaide Institute of Hospitality is South Australia’s most respected training provider for both Commercial Cookery and Front of House training.

We offer a diverse range of courses and team up with many of South Australia’s most progressive restaurants and hospitality venues to deliver outstanding outcomes for students and venues alike.

Our people are sourced from many of the best restaurants across the world and bring their experience and care to our students.

What sets AIOH apart?

What are the key attributes to great Commercial Cookery training?

Alfonso Ales, one of our trainers, has worked in Michelin star restaurants across Europe and Hatted restaurants in Australia. He explains what makes the Adelaide Institute of Hospitality a great place to learn skills for life.

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Supporting Social responsibility

For nearly 3 years, Foodbank SA and CEG have partnered in a unique program that has proven to be a “win win win” for disadvantaged people in SA. Surplus food from Foodbank’s food rescue program is used by CEG to train young people as part of their apprenticeship program. The meals created by these young people are then returned to Foodbank and distributed to struggling families across the state.  

Foodbank SA is delighted and proud to be associated with Ben and the team at CEG. They share our values in trying to improve peoples lives by the providing good food, and in maximising the value that can be gained by strategic collaborations between like minded organizations.
We are already discussing ideas for new projects in the future which we are confident will have a positive impact.

Greg Pattinson | CEO Foodbank SA

AIOH and our values align from a restaurant and training point of view. They give time to their students and we give time to our chefs. It's a great alignment for us.

Lachlan Colwill | Head Chef Hentley Farm